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Flash drives of today store a lot of data for a very low cost. The added bonus is that some flash drives have superior security and are portable.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about new and innovative flash drives. There is a lot to flash technology. Please email tips and advice to

Crazy Pig Flash Drive

OCV ATV Turbo Flash Drive

The OCV ATV Turbo is a flash drive that has an outer casing of waterproof rubber. There is also a removable cap that comes off easily. The cap is chained to the device.

The OCV ATV Turbo is a very fast flash drive. The read speed is 33-35 and the write speed is 26-30. This flash drive comes with a lifetime warranty.

This drive is bright yellow and black. It looks really cool. The downside is there is no encryption software on it and it is a bit expensive.






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