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Flash drives of today store a lot of data for a very low cost. The added bonus is that some flash drives have superior security and are portable.

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Flash Drives

If you like flash drives, then you have come to the right place. Flash drives are become a ubiquitous part of society. The mainstream has accepted their use and nearly everyone has several flash drives.

Flash Drive Casings

With the advent of flash, there have also been improvements in the casings. You can get a water resistant and shock resistant flash drive in either rubber or aluminum. Some of the flash drives are made of titanium and are so strong that you can hardly break them if you are trying to. The good news is that not everybody is an office worker. Having a rugged flash drive is a great tool for people that work outside or that have active lifestyles.

Flash Drive Security

One of the biggest worries of people is that they might lose their flash drive. What if your valuable data is stolen or compromised? For that reason there are a lot of secure flash drives.

The Ironkey flash drive is the most secure flash drive available. If you lose the flash drive, a person has five password attempts and then the Ironkey flash drive will self destruct. The Ironkey will also encrypt data on the device and offers secure web browsing through Ironkeys private Tor network.

Corsair makes a flash drive that has an actual hardware padlock on the outside of the Ironkey. The person must press in the key code manually to get access.

The company Victorinox, Swiss army knife maker, has produced a flash drive that is biometric. It can be programmed to read your fingerprint and only allow you access. The knife is really popular and unique. There is a laser pointer, for presentations, a ballpoint pen, and standard knife featers, as well.

Many other companies claim that their flash drive is secure and most flash drives do have some sort of security built into them. The problem with the whole idea is that a regular password protect system can be broken with certain software programs. In addition, if the drive is not encrypted, than an online data snoop can find your data. A truly secure flash drive will not allow password access and must be encrypted.

Operating Systems on a Flash Drive

You can get a lot of Linux based operating systems that will work from a single flash drive. They actually work quite well. One of the most popular Linux distributions for a flash drive is Knoppix. Knoppix is small and is good at detecting hardware. Knoppix was the first Linux distribution to be easily portable and the name is now synonymous with portable operating systems.

Microsoft has finally taken to heart the idea of putting their system on a flash drive. Their goal, as always, is to make a bunch of money. Microsoft thinks that the third world population will like a flash drive system because it can save the entire operating system and files. For people that don't have a computer, owning a flash drive with operating system is the next best thing. People will not need to use laptops nearly as much with a good flash drive that carries the operating system. Microsoft is calling their new project Startkey. They have partnered with Sandisk.

Fun Flash Drives

Do you want a flash drive to be fun or just to get the job done. Some people carry their flash drive with them daily. The flash drive is a part of life for a lot of people. Like clothing, flash drives are getting to be less boring and allow for individual style. One flash drive that has been getting attention is the Lego flash drive. You can either use an old Lego block and create one yourself or some companies make Lego blocks into flash drives. One of the most ingenious home uses is to create a flash drive from a Lego Guy.

Flash drives are starting to come in other colors and features. You can buy flash drives in pink, yellow, blue, and, of course, black. One technique from the web site instrucibles is to take a pink eraser and hollow it out to make a casing for a flash drive. Flash drives are custom made out of wood, leather, and in shapes of pills, syringes, tampons, and more. The idea is that there are millions of ways to customize a flash drive and people are doing it. Most of the very creative flash drives are created by corporations for marketing purposes. For example, at trade shows. When you consider the cost of a catalog, a good flash drive is a great alternative and it can offer more data, more functionality, and be more memorable.

Flash Drives and What to Look For

The most important part of the flash drive is the purpose of the drive. If the flash drive is to store music and personal files, then speed is not paramount. Users that want the flash drive to boot an operating system will need to be wary of speed in the read and write times. The Patriot is known as being one of the fastest flash drives. In any case, check the read and write times of the flash drives before purchasing.

If you really have the funds, you could purchase a solid state hard drive. The solid state hard drive has no moving parts and can boot up much faster than traditional hard drives. They are still a bit expensive, but the prices are coming down enough that a lot of people are starting to purchase them. Think about a boot time that is cut in half or even a lot less. You will no longer need to listen to the hard drive because a solid state hard drive has no moving parts.

Today, many people have more than one flash drive. People do not want all their data in one location. How would you like to lose 64 gigabytes? For safety, it makes more sense for people to use a lot of lower capacity flash drives. Most people end up using around 8 gigabytes. For smaller projects a four or two gigabyte flash drive is probably enough capacity.

Remember that flash drives are typically for smaller data amounts. For large data sets, an external hard drive is becoming standard. Some of the new colored and smaller hard drives are getting quite popular. You can put almost everything on them. Most people fill these external hard drives with pictures and music and video.

A small flash drive is great for uploading some songs on vacation, carrying your homework with you, and taking projects from work home to work on. It is a good idea to carry a flash drive with you. You never know what data you might be able to get. For example, your friend may want to let you upload some pictures. You may want to download a movie from Netflix.

A good way to carry the flash drive is on your keychain. That is why the Swiss army knife flash drive is so fantastic. Many people already carry a small knife and making the flash drive on the knife just makes it so much easier. There are also other cool ways to carry the flash drive. There are carabiners that are made into flash drives and lots of other fun ways to display them.

Micro Flash Drives

If space is of utmost importance to you, you might consider the micro flash drives. They are so tiny and yet they can carry most of the data that you will need. Some people don't like the bulkiness of the regular flash drives. Girls think the micro flash drives are cute. Some of these micro flash drives literally flip out for use; the design is great. In the micro flash drive market, Pico makes some really tiny good looking flash drives.






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