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Flash drives of today store a lot of data for a very low cost. The added bonus is that some flash drives have superior security and are portable.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about new and innovative flash drives. There is a lot to flash technology. Please email tips and advice to

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Ironkey Flash Drives

The Ironkey is considered to be one of the most secure flash drives available. Ironkey claims that their product is ordered by the military because it is so secure.

The Ironkey is password protected. The thing is that if you make five attempts on the device, then it will self destruct. That means that someone can't just find your Ironkey and figure out your password. Ironkey has the option of storing your password with them in case you lose it. However, it is optional.

The Ironkey also comes with secure browsing through the Tor network. The device will bounce your internet searching over multiple servers all around the world. It is debatable how secure the browsing is, but it certainly bounces your ip address all over the world. The first year of using the browsing is free and additional years are very inexpensive to purchase.

The data on the Ironkey is encrypted to make it more secure. The whole point of the Ironkey is to be the most secure flash drive in the world.

The Ironkey also has password management to remember all the passwords to different sites. This is very handy and since the data is encrypted it is a lot safer than doing it through your browser.






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